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CARBON™ is the best software platform for enriching your digital-world customer data with real-world attributes, in real-time.

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CARBON™ Pixel for Websites
  1. <script src="https://pixel.zprk.io/v4/1/2/abcdef.js?
  2. "></script>
CARBON™ Snippet for Apps
  1. import AdSupport
  2. ...
  3. // Check if "Limit Ad Tracking" is Enabled
  4. if ASIdentifierManager.sharedManager().advertisingTrackingEnabled {
  5.   // use the IDFA
  6.   myIDFA = ASIdentifierManager.sharedManager().advertisingIdentifier.UUIDString
  7. }
  8. else {
  9.   // use a random UUID
  10.   myIDFA = NSUUID().UUIDString
  11. }

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Copy and paste a simple piece of code we call the CARBON™ Pixel on your website. You’re done!

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The Near Universe

Enriched Data

Designed to work with your organization,

CARBON™ provides multiple options to help you consume the enriched data easily.

File Sync

Daily batch output in simple CSV posted to secure cloud storage.

In Platform

Get the enriched data exported to an external platform.


Use our secure API to consume the enriched data, as you like it.

Answer key business questions

CARBON™ allows you to select data attributes from Nearverse that best suits your use case, such as brand affinity, home location, dwell time, distance traveled and multiple other real-word attributes.

Get answers to critical business questions vis-à-vis your customers now.

  • What are their interests in the real world?
  • Which brands do they prefer?
  • How far do they travel to places of interest?
  • Where do they live?
  • How does the visit activity change in this place?
  • How much time my customer spends in this place?
  • What is the actual shape of this place?
  • What is the catchment area of this place?

The Nearverse Data

Nearverse has data on 1.6 billion users across 44 countries. Accurate understanding of people’s behavior across places they visit in a highly privacy compliant manner.

Three proprietary technologies are put to work to keep the Nearverse alive.

Near Data

Data Sources




The Nearverse


Near takes privacy very seriously. From inception the Near Platform has followed a privacy-led design. As a result, the Platform never stores or deals with PII (Personally Identifiable Information) and all incoming data streams are consensual. The Near Platform has built-in processes to forget and purge user data on request as well.

From the time you signup, a secure private setup is created safeguarding all your data in its own instance. Stored and enriched data are hashed and requires a private key to unhash.

See for yourself why this among other privacy safeguards make Near so enterprise friendly.

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